The Fi2000 PowrPro Tuner is making its mark though it's only been available for a short while. Here are a few of the unsolicited responses we've received from customers and dealers. Check back in to read updated testimonials. If you want to tell your PowrPro story hit the Contact Us button on the top of the page to email us.

Cycle World Magazine just did an evaluation of the PowrPro that was mounted on a 2011 VTwin Street glide. In it they said: "if you've ever fantasized about fuel-injection tuning becoming a no-brainer, you've just met it."

High praise indeed.

Read the full story here: CW Evaluation: Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro: Fuel-injection tuning made brainless.

Each year, Paisano Publications and the editors of Easyriders, V-Twin and Road Iron magazines are honored to present the Excellence in Motorcycling Awards for innovative new products. We are especially pleased to award Cobra Engineering the Tech Product of the Year for its Fi2000 PowrPro at this year's V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Dave Nichols Editor Easyriders & V-Twin Magazine Paisano Publications, LLC

Dear Cobra, I don't normally write letters to manufacturers but I had to tell you that you've got a winner here, guys. I just installed your Fi2000 Powerpro CVT fuel processor and I'm very impressed. It's hard to believe I'm riding the same bike. I find I have more power, a smoother running engine and aggressive, consistent acceleration through the entire range of rpm. Even the exhaust sounds better.

The plug and play installation couldn't have been easier. Your instructions were letter perfect and in about one half hour the installation was complete.

I'm riding a stock 2009 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad 1700. This product just made a great motorcycle even better. Today was my first ride of the season and what a great way to start the season off. I don't think I've ever made a single modification to a bike that produced such a startling result. I will certainly recommend this product to others. Thanks for a great product.

Tom, from Wheatly, Ontario

Mike Breeden, from Virginia

I just wanted to thank you for a product that truly does as it is advertised. I own a 2007 ultra classic that I picked up recently, bone stock. Through some horse-trading picked up freer flowing exhaust and air cleaner then installed them. It didn't take long to realize the '07 is a sluggish pig, but still thought with the simple add on there would be a noticeable difference. Well, I about broke my nose on the windshield in anticipation the bike was going to accelerate. It got louder that's about it. The exhaust note changed to an annoying ear piercing tone with every turn of the wrist.

Naturally, I went shopping for something else to change. I ordered a different exhaust and the shop owner suggested I try the Fi2000 POWRPRO. I haven't had the chance to install the exhaust yet, but I did install the POWRPRO. What a difference.

WOW! Makes me wonder what affects it would have had on the stock set up. This thing really pulls a lot harder now. Throttle response is immediate and firm. Acceleration throughout the gears is superb. It even got rid of the ear piercing tone of my exhaust. Now I kinda wish I didn't order the new exhaust. I'm not good with computers and down loads and all that stuff that make for a great running motor so I've always had to have someone else do that.

This unit is absolutely amazing. Just plug it in, and go ride. It couldn't be any simpler. I worked slowly for fear of screwing something up, trying to keep everything in order step by step. I've never dealt with wiring, fuel injection or any of that stuff. This was a piece of cake, even for me. Took me just barely over an hour. I've never even looked behind the air cleaner box (under the tank) before today. I will be telling others of your great product.

Thanks again for a product that delivers. Single most important thing I've done to any of my bikes to improve performance.

You can email Mike at

Craig Harrison

The parts manager at the Harley dealer has been telling me about the Fi2000 POWRPRO and I have been having problems with my Power Commander V USB, so I bought one.

I took the Power Commander out and began the install. It was a very easy install, about 25 or 30 min. I started the bike for the first time after the install and it started right up at perfect idle. I rev'ed it and it was smooth with no backfire or missing, which I had before, then I took it for a test ride. Very smooth and quick acceleration, again no popping on down shifting.

I took it on the freeway between on ramp and off ramp, about a mile and a 1/4 and got to 115 MPH very smooth. Your product works exactly as you claim, even better. Thank You for a well built, easy to install, performance product. If you need any info from me don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks again gentlemen the pleasure is all mine.

2011 VTwin FLHTK about 20,000 miles, Hyper Charger Pro air cleaner and Vance and Hines 4" slash cut slip-ons with no other mods.

Here is a great independent test of the Fi2000 PowrPro by a MNPGRider on the H-D Forum. It's long but worth it.

Positives: As I had already done a Stage One download on a 2006, when it still actually enrichened the fuel/air mixture, I was pleasantly surprised at the additional gains. The seat of the pants dyno is fantastic. There is no hesitation, missing, decel popping, or other issues. If a customer were to install this unit on a completely stock Harley, along with freer flowing air cleaner and pipes, I believe they would really feel the difference, with the added benefit of a cooler running engine at cruising throttle.

The biggest benefit, however, if it continues to work as claimed, is that it is plug and play. It was simple to install, and the user does not have to learn and deal with mapping issues that many of the other tuners have. If you have a newer Harley with the quick release gas lines, being able to easily take off the tank would make the install a snap. Bikers can now change out parts, such as air cleaners, pipes, or increase displacement, and the design of this product will automatically adapt without additional cost for remapping or dyno time--again, if it lives up to its claims.Read More

From Rock at Suburban H-D Hello , Cobra Guys.

Everything works beyond our belief, and even our speed shop people are super impressed!!! Run four did it right boys! This has your 4-inch round slip-on mufflers with the PowrPro and your Cobra PowrFlo Air Intake system. With this packages we gained 12 horsepower and 12 ft/lb of torque.


In comparison JEFF who works with me in the parts department installed on his 2007 Road King (the same year as my FLHTC) Rinehart True Duals, and a Harley high flow air breather and a V&H Fuel Pack and go 6 hp and 8 ft/lb of torque.

So the Cobra set up doubled that!

I have a great selling tool now !!!!!!!!

It's easy when I believe in something! Watch me go....

ROCK......... Suburban Harley

This was from AAron48 on the VTwin Forum site:

I got the Cobra Fi2000 PowrPro AutoTuner today, very easy install took my time running all the cables and wiring. The only bitch was running the ground wire to the ground lug...but eveybody knows getting to that lug is a pain.

To put it simply this thing makes the ied's look like crap...don't get me wrong they work but this thing is ASTONISHING...NO SHIT!!! Its so smooth it's Ridiculous. There is NOT ONE flat spot and ZERO popping I mean not even a little totally zero. Cobra has made one hell of a product. Rolling on the throttle the power comes on so smooth, shiffting from gear to gear there is no hesitation .


Here's what the M109 guys are saying: It is running excellent now (no flat or hesitation) and pulling harder than it has before with a pc. And it goes thru the rpm's faster to red line. Also, the pc used to start pulling and pulled the same all the way to 7k, but with this Cobra when it hits 4k rpm it starts pulling harder, like a power band. You can feel it like a turbo kicking in. Read More at M109 Forums

Here is what Pete from Pistol Pete's had to say about the PowrPro: Here is a picture of me doing a burnout at 13,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains! As I said earlier, I was on the "Rocky Mountain Run" with Drag Specialties. We were going over the pass in Estes Park. It was snowing and sleeting and cold! I couldn't resist a nice burnout picture though! My bike ran perfect the whole time. I have an 88 inch motor with 37G Andrews cams, Rinehart 2 into 1 pipe and a Forcewinder Air cleaner. At one point I checked my mileage and was getting 47 mpg. Wow! Now I'm sure that wasn't all the time, but on that day we were taking it easy. Most of the time we were hammering up and down the mountains at 85mph. I couldn't be happier with the Cobra system! Thanks for all the support in the learning process and confidence building!

Dear Cobra,

I have been a Parts/Accessory employee for 15 years now, and have tried different products over the years. But none as good as the FI2000 PowrPro. I have 400 miles on my 2007 VTwin Screaming Eagle 110 with your PowrPro installed. 15,650 miles total on the bike running a K&N intake and Rinehart racing exhaust. My bike has never run so good.

Not even when new. I threw my Power Commander 3 usb, in the trash. Never could get to 100% out of tuning. PowrPro installed easily with nothing else to do but ride it. Now it runs strong from 1800 rpm all the way to redline!

I have owned a Busa, ZX11, and Suzuki Boulevard, all with Power Commanders on them. I never could get them to run at 100%. If I had had PowrPro for those bikes I probably would still have one of them now.

Your PowrPro is the most real world riding upgrade you can do to your motorcycle HANDS DOWN! I would recommend this to anyone with stock motorcycle even. Yes my bike runs better than it did stock.

As I write this, we are ordering 6 PowrPros for stock, and considering we are a franchise dealer we should do very well with these. Just like we do with all Cobra Products!

Best regards,

Gabe Ortiz, Clawson Motorsports

Even Hot Bike Bagger magazine is in on this amazing product: If you're going to add pipes, don't forget the air box and tuner (if fuel injected) to get the most out of your bike. But what if you don't have a dyno close to help you tune and map the bike after everything's added? Read More

This from WowEh on the V-Twin Forum:

I did what they say, to teach the unit, where you take her for a ride, a little harder through the rpm/gears range a couple of times so the unit learns your bike?and voila, no back firing which was what I had a lot before IMO, even before the Ness Big Sucker was installed, and the bike runs great. I am sold on this unit, now keep in mind I have not put it on a dyno and also not looking for numbers like that, all I was looking for is a unit to auto tune based on riding conditions, temperature, modifications..etc It could very well be running within +/- 5% of a perfect tune or better but I wouldn't know or care. She pulls much, MUCH harder, sounds better, feels to be running cooler, and seems to have increased my MPG/ KM here in Canada.

Read More

    Emissions Notice

    The state of California considers aftermarket exhaust systems to be legal replacement parts for non-catalyst equipped motorcycles and/or if slip-on mufflers are installed downstream of the OEM catalysts.

    California does not allow the use of aftermarket systems that remove original equipment catalysts, (except for racing use only) unless the Air Resources Board has issued an Executive Order for that system.

    For California riders we offer Air Resources Board approved Fi2000 R ARB units. (ARB E.O. No. D-633-1). All other Fi2000 models are not legal for street use in California.